Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Car Travel

Do you want an oxygen therapy solution that is safe to use while traveling with you in your car?

  • Are you worried about running out of oxygen while you are stuck in a traffic jam?
  • Does the thought of transporting explosive oxygen tanks in your car make you nervous?
  • Would you like an endless supply of safe oxygen while driving in you car?
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For many years, COPD sufferers who required long-term oxygen therapy were housebound for all practical purposes.  The vast majority of oxygen therapy patients used large cylinders of compressed or liquid oxygen.  These systems are not portable and require scheduling of oxygen deliveries which can be a big inconvenience.  For portability, those receiving respiratory care could fill small travel cylinders, but they are limited by their small capacity and the need for frequent re-filling.

Risks of driving not only meant calculating your drive time and packing enough oxygen, but also transporting an explosive oxygen cylinder in your vehicle.  Heaven forbid you have a fender bender and the tank gets knocked unexpectedly.  If you are tired of worrying about the oxygen tanks baking in the sunshine while you drive, continue reading to learn about the latest portable oxygen concentrators.

There were oxygen concentrators available 10-15 years ago, but they didn’t provide much mobility.  The units weighed 50 pounds or more and were primarily used as stationary devices.  Some employed casters that allow the concentrator to be moved from room to room, but they were not designed for travel purposes.

Maximize Your Mobility With The Ultimate Portable Oxygen Solutions!

Today’s portable oxygen concentrators feature advanced design technology that allow patients suffering from oxygen deficiency to achieve a level of independence that previous generations of oxygen users could only dream about.  On top of the list of pioneering portables on the market today are the SeQual Eclipse and the Inogen One.  Both of these exceptional units are ideal for automobile travel.  These remarkable concentrators provide flexibility and mobility that is free of the restrictions imposed by outdated oxygen delivery systems. 

 Portable Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator Operates Off Car Battery

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In the past you were stuck at home…now, not only can you travel in a car while receiving oxygen, you can even drive!  By using the Inogen One or the SeQual Eclipse, you can receive oxygen therapy and still be able to meet your friends for coffee at the local coffee shop or go on an extended vacation.  Wouldn’t you enjoy the freedom of being able to jump in the car and go the grocery store when you wanted to?  All you do is place the unit behind your seat, plug it into your cars DC outlet (lighter) and go.  These versatile concentrators can also be operated in boats and RV’s and can be used in your hotel or motel room when traveling.  One safety reminder you should follow is to never place home oxygen equipment in unvented areas such as the trunk of your car or sealed boat cabin.

Are you ready to get in the car on a whim and visit family and friends?  Have an appointment, but don’t want to bother others to drive you there?  Get back your independence and sense of self-reliance.  Creatively designed portable oxygen concentrators like the Sequal Eclipse and Inogen One liberate oxygen users from feeling "stuck at home".  Click on the word HOME in the navigation at the top of the page to find out how one of these remarkable oxygen concentrators can help you lead a more active lifestyle.

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