Oxygen Cylinder Explosion – Safety Is A Concern And May Not Be Worth the Risk

Are You Considering Using Oxygen Cylinders for Your Home or Travel Oxygen Therapy?

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Watch this video showing the aftermath of an oxygen cylinder tank accident and you will surely join the many people rushing to switch to oxygen concentrators.  After the video, read about the factors that contribute to the risk of oxygen cylinder explosions.

Oxygen concentrator systems have been developed that are small, portable, lightweight… and by far safer than cylinders.  Oxygen Concentrators do not store large amounts dangerous pressurized oxygen.  They make the oxygen from the air and deliver it as needed.

Watch the video below showing what can happen to your home therapy oxygen cylinder.  Press the play button.  Please be patient.  The video starts black with only talking for a moment, before you actually begin seeing images.

This video shows the results after an accidental E cylinder explosion.  This happened at a maintenance shop, but could easily happen in a home or in transit with a malfunctioning oxygen cylinder you may be carrying in your car or on your back.

Factors That Increase the Risk of Oxygen Cylinder Accidents:

  • Heat
  • Vibration

You are much more likely to apply heat and vibration to your oxygen tank when you are traveling.  Let’s look at traveling in a car.  Direct sunlight on the car increases heat.  Driving on uneven pavement or especially the sudden movement caused by aggressive breaking causes hazardous vibration for your oxygen cylinder.

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In the worst case scenario, An accidental collision can cause sudden movement, flames or sparks that could easily trigger a severe oxygen cylinder explosion like that shown in the video.  The automobile engine runs via combustion of gasoline.  Putting your compressed oxygen cylinder inside a car and traveling at high speeds with other cars puts you at great risk of an oxygen cylinder accident.

After seeing the damage an oxygen cylinder can create in the video here, we are very thankful for the advancements in portable oxygen concentrators as they phase out the need for cylinders.  Manufacturers are aware of the dangers of oxygen tanks and are working to develop smaller, lighter, safer and more convenient ways of delivering oxygen therapy through portable oxygen concentrators.  These devices are in very high demand, and are available through this website.

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