Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Are you frustrated with coordinating separate equipment for home, portable or travel?
Are you tired of relying on other people for your oxygen supply?
Are you ready to ELIMINATE oxygen deliveries?
The Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator System is suitable for all modes of life. This complete system is made for stationary home use, as well as travel. The small lightweight system allows you to walk to the store, run it off your car, even use it in an airplane.
Inogen One $4,995.00

Inogen One System Includes:
> Oxygen Concentrator
> AC Power Supply
> Mobile Power Charger
> Cart and Carry Bag
> Lithium Ion Battery
> Nasal Cannula (7 feet long)

Accessories can be purchased below.

Inogen Oxygen

Dialup (3.48 MB)
Broadband (6.44 MB)

(3.77 MB)
Broadband (6.75 MB)
Accessories for Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator System
Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator Spare Battery

Battery $325
External Battery Charger for Inogen

Battery Charger $275
Satellite Conservation Device for Inogen

Satellite Conserver $295
AC Power Charger and Power Cord for Inogen One

AC Power Supply Free
Free with Inogen One
Inogen One Cart and Carry On Bag

Cart and Carry Bag Free
Free with Inogen One
Carrying Bag for Inogen One

Carry Bag Free
Free with Inogen One
Mobile Power Adapter for Inogen One

Mobile Power Charger Free
Free with Inogen One
Particulate Air Filters for Inogen One

Particle Filter $19

Mobile / Car Travel Use
Of the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen Portable ConcentratorAre you looking for a safe, easy solution to oxygen therapy while traveling in your car? How about in your RV or boat? Oxygen cylinders and tanks can be dangerous in the warm sunshine or when you hit a bump. Oxygen concentrators are safe, but most are too big to fit comfortably in your car. Getting a bulky unit in and out of your vehicle, every time you need to drive, will make you loathe driving. If you want to use oxygen in your car, you really need something you can handle like a handbag or briefcase.

Click to Watch Portable Oxygen Concentrator used in a car The Inogen One is about the size of a coffee maker and can provide endless hours of oxygen therapy using the cigarette lighter outlet from your car, RV or boat. This portable oxygen concentrator can run off its battery, or simply plug into your car for long trips.

Watch the video to see how easy the Inogen One makes traveling with your oxygen therapy. The small size easily fits behind the driver seat, even in a little two seater convertible.

Home Oxygen Therapy
With the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Are you turned off by large, bulky oxygen concentrators that you have to drag around your house? Are you afraid of stockpiling dangerous oxygen tanks and cylinders around your home?

The safe and lightweight Inogen One weighs about the same as a house cat. It can be easily carried from room to room.

Inogen One Portable Concentrator

Inogen One $4,995.00

Inogen One System Includes:
> Oxygen Concentrator
> AC Power Supply
> Mobile Power Charger
> Cart and Carry Bag
> Lithium Ion Battery
> Nasal Cannula (7 feet long)

Inogen One Portable Oxygen ConcentratorThe portable oxygen concentrator featured here, provides up 5LPM of oxygen from a device that weights less than the average house cat! It uses the latest in rechargeable battery technology to allow you to plug it into a standard wall outlet, or carry it out to the garden. Inogen One takes the oxygen concentrators down to the size of a handbag. In fact, you can carry it around like a handbag. Or if you prefer, it also comes with a portable, fold-away cart.

If you’re not in the mood to carry anything, don’t worry. We’ve got that covered too. The Satellite Conserver extends your use up to 100 feet away from the Inogen One.

Inogen One Satellite ConserverPortable Oxygen Concentrator Conserver VideoThe Satellite Conserver is a small device that can be worn on your belt. It’s small, lightweight, easy to use and gives you an extra hundred feet. Watch the video to see the Satellite Conserver in action.


Airline Travel Oxygen Therapy
Using the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Until now, flying while on oxygen therapy has been a nightmare if at all possible. The Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator has made flying convenient again. With its small size and multiple means of power, the Inogen One:
  • …is approved by FAA for commercial aircraft
  • …fits under the seat as a carry-on
  • …comes with two kinds of power adapters for different airplane power configurations
  • …automatically senses and adjusts to different power voltages for different countries

Tips for Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Physician’s Statement
Before flying you will need a signed document from your doctor on his or her official letterhead that includes three vital pieces of information. It must declare that you are capable of seeing or hearing alarms and responding appropriately. It must also indicate when your oxygen use is necessary (during part or all of the flight). And finally, it must provide your maximum oxygen flow rate in the cabin pressure environment.

Plan Ahead
Because you will be taking medical equipment on a commercial airline, there are always a few considerations to take before your trip.

  • …Contact your airline to verify that they will allow you to operate an oxygen concentrator during flight.
  • …As a precaution, arrange for backup oxygen at your destination.
  • …Check with your airline for availability of an electrical power port at your seat. The Inogen One comes with a cigarette lighter adapter and a four-pin adapter. Remove the battery when using an airplane power port.
  • …Pack extra fully charged spare batteries to accommodate for flight delays.
  • …Arrive early at the airport to allow for security inspection of your oxygen concentrator.

The following airlines currently approve the use of the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators on their flights:

Avianca Air
Air France
Alaska Air
Allegiant Air
Aloha Air
America West
American Airlines

Delta Air Lines
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Horizon Air
Mesa Airlines
Midwest Air
Northwest Airlines
SAS Airlines
South African Airways
Southwest Air
Sun Country
US Airways
WestJet Air

A Closer Look at Included Accessories
For the Inogen One Oxygen Concentrators

When you buy an Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator, it comes with all six items listed here. These accessories give you full mobility for walking, riding in a car, traveling on a plane or cruise line, or simply visiting your favorite restaurant or casino.
Inogen One

  1. Oxygen Concentrator
  2. AC Power Supply
  3. Mobile Power Supply
  1. Cart and Carry Bag
  2. Lithium Ion Battery
  3. Nasal Cannula

Inogen 1 One Portable Oxygen Concentrators System

Accessories Also Available Separately
Rechargeable Battery for Inogen One

Battery $325

Airlines require you provide batteries for the entire flight plus possible delays. Battery life is 2-3 hr.

Inogen One Battery Charger

External Battery Charger $275

Keeps you prepared for spontaneous excursions.

Oxygen Concentrator Satellite Conserver

Satellite Conserver $295

Extends home use up to 100 feet!
Watch Video

Inogen AC Power Cord and Transformer

AC Power Supply Free
Free with Inogen One

Lets you plug Inogen One directly into wall outlet.

Shoulder Bag and Stroller Cart for Inogen

Cart and Carry Bag Free
Free with Inogen One

Make walking with Inogen even easier.

Inogen Portable Carrying Bag

Carry Bag Free
Free with Inogen One

Convenient, comfortable and attractive way to carry the Inogen One anywhere.

Inogen One Cigarette Lighter Power Supply

Mobile Power Charger Free
Free with Inogen One

Plug Inogen into cigarette lighter in car, boat or RV for unlimited use.
Watch Video

Inogen Particle Filters

Particle Filter $19

Clean filter weekly. Replace when damaged or discolored. Minimum order $100.

Technical Specifications

For Inogen One Oxygen Concentrators

Weight 9.8 lbs.
(Product 8.3 lbs., Battery 1.5 lbs.)
Size 12.39? high (includes handle) 11.62? long
6.00? wide
Oxygen Flow Rate 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 LPM
(Pulse Dose Delivery System)
AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz
(automatic sensing for worldwide use)
Mobile Power Supply Recharges battery using standard mobile DC power
Battery Lithium Ion
3 Hour Duration*
3 Hour Approximate Recharge Time
Noise Level Less than 40 Decibels*
(similar to quiet rural area or small empty theater)
Display / Controls LCD display and simple push button controls
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
(see manual for complete warranty information)

* At Setting 2, in typical home use.

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